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The purpose of a resume is to advertise yourself to potential employers as a qualified applicant. Your application's content, language, punctuation, font, and even the quality of the paper it is printed on can affect your chances of getting the job you're applying for.

Second, bear in mind that for each opening, HR Managers receive dozens of resumes. They quickly review the resumes, occasionally only giving each one a few seconds of their full attention, and then decide whether to accept the candidate or reject him or her.


The following are the basic elements required in order to write the perfect CV.

  • CONTACT INFORMATION- Include your personal phone number, a backup contact phone number, and your email address so we can get in touch with you about the interview.
  • PERSONAL DETAILS- Include your nationality, birthdate, marital status, visa status, and driver's licence in this box.
  • WORK EXPERIENCE- Include the dates, listed in reverse chronological order, along with the names of your former employers and the position you held. Give a brief description of your role within the organisation as well. If you have any career gaps, be sure to give a good rationale.
  • ACADEMICAL BACKGROUND- Mention the study levels attained together with the place and passing year.
  • EXTRA SKILLS- Include additional languages learned, specialised IT skills, qualifications and licences attained, etc.


When creating a resume for job openings in gulf nations, you need adhere to local standards in addition to widely accepted manuals for writing a solid and a good CV. Although they may be different from the customs in your place of origin, you must abide by them.

  • NATIONALITY- You must provide your passport nationality in the "Personal Information" section of your resume. If you have more than one nationality, mention them both.
  • PHOTO- Nearly all Gulf countries' employers like to have your photo on your CV, but this preference is less common for multinationals when hiring for other senior positions. For every work that requires contact with consumers, it is necessary. Be sure to dress appropriately and present yourself professionally. Smile. Avoid taking selfies as well. Female candidates should avoid pictures that are overly suggestive or revealing.
  • WORK EXPERIENCE- If you've previously worked for a prominent company in your local market, your prospects of obtaining employment at home may be improved. However, you'll find that unless the organisation is well-known in one of the gulf countries, your domestic experience may not be very useful. This can be addressed by including a brief synopsis of the organisation in your CV to convey its importance and value.
  • ACADEMICAL BACKGROUND- The university you went to and graduated from might be the most prestigious in your own country, yet it might still be unknown in the Gulf countries. Include a description that emphasises your university if you are particularly proud of it.
  • CERTIFICATIONS- Any certificates you possess ought to be mentioned in your resume, especially those issued by foreign organisations since they are more likely to be acknowledged in gulf countries than domestic credentials from your own country. If you possess any licences or certificates from these nations, it must be made clear.
  • DRIVING LICENSE- This may be deemed important if your line of work involves sales positions that necessitate travel both domestically and abroad.
  • VISA STATUS- You should specify your visa status, including whether you are in the country as a visitor, employee, or dependent, if you are applying for a job while already residing in one of the Gulf countries.
  • AVAILABILITY- Many firms give applicants who can begin working right immediately, don't have to notify their current employers, and don't have to go through the visa change process significant preference. If you are unemployed and prepared to start right away, it is best to mention such.
  • CV LENGTH- HR professionals do not need to read a lengthy CV in order to assess a candidate's qualifications. Even if you have a lot of experience, a one-two page CV is the best to provide. Be brief and precise.
  • ATTACHMENTS- Even though it may be typical practise in certain countries to send a CV with multiple attachments, doing so in gulf countries is unusual and may even turn off potential employers. Send your resume sans attachments, and only provide more files if asked. You can reach us at info@visualcvs.com or give us a call at +91 7010630927 for further queries.

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