Sep 03, 2022


The content below teaches us on the 12 DO’s and DON’T’s for writing the building the best resume.



  • A PRECISE RESUME: Keep your resume brief and to the point for the best results. Because hiring managers don't have much time to read resumes, you should always write a page-long resume that only includes the information necessary for the position you're looking for. Only if you have years of experience and specific information to include, two pages of your resume is taken into consideration.


  • CUSTOMISED RESUME: Customizing resume to the job titles and skills required is one of the most crucial steps to take when producing one. Recruiters typically go through a screening procedure with your resumes in which they seek for the precise terms and abilities needed for that particular position. Additionally, update any previously updated information, such as contact details, etc. The best resume preparation must be customised for the position you are applying for, in order your recruiter to take it into consideration.


  • SUMMARY STATEMENT: A summary statement is typically placed at the start of a resume to give recruiters an overview of your qualifications. Never make these statements too long or objective, and avoid copying the browser's format; instead, use a reference and customise it to meet your needs.


  • ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Include your accomplishments on your resume if they are pertinent to the position you are looking for. It is advised to highlight your accomplishments that are really important to your job so that recruiters can decide whether to consider you for the position. However, keep it brief and avoid giving details that are irrelevant to your job description.


  • CONTACT INFORMATION: This is a fundamental and expected component of your resume. Include all of your current contact information, including phone, email, and address. You may also include the URL of your LinkedIn ID or other professional networking profile. Do not include any connections, social media profiles, marital status, religion, or other information. Make it simple for hiring managers to contact you for interviews and additional discussions.


  • RELEVANT SOFT SKILLS: While it's important to highlight technical and analytical talents to impress recruiters, it's also important to include relevant soft skills that highlight your strengths, such as time management, teamwork, and leadership.




  • RESUME TEMPLATE: Your resume should be simple to read and time-effective. Select templates that make your resume appear more approachable and readable. You can also select a template that differs from the typical designs, but make sure your information is clear and succinct. Avoid experimenting with various typefaces, infographics, etc.


  • USAGE OF PASSIVE VOICE: Avoid using passive voice sentences on your resume because they lengthen the text and lack precision. To make it clear and easier to grasp for your recruiters, only use active voice verbs.


  • IRRELEVANT HOBBIES OR INTERESTS: Include no interests or pastimes that are irrelevant to the position for which you are seeking. You can include components that are closely related to your job profile to your resume so that it becomes an addition and is more approachable to hiring managers.


  • INCLUDING NEGATIVE THINGS: Avoid mentioning any bad information on your executive resume, including details about your prior employers, failures, etc. Showcase your talents and abilities rather than dwelling on past failures. Always provide positive material for the recruiter as using such negative stuff could result in biases or discrimination.


  • INCLUSION OF PRIVATE DETAILS: It is advised that you leave out any private information from your resume as sharing private information with others is neither expected nor safe, and it will not in any way aid interviewers in evaluating your talents.


  • GRAMMAR AND OTHER MISTAKES: Before finalizing it, a good CV should be inspected several times for language and grammar faults, as even little flaws can have a negative effect on recruiters. You can double-check the resume for any grammar mistakes using a variety of web tools.


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