Oct 29, 2022


Although hiring practises can vary from company to company, most companies use your CV to decide whether or not they want to schedule an interview with you. Digital resumes give you the chance to tell a hiring manager more about yourself in a unique format. They make it simple for potential employers to find out more about your professional background and the traits that make you stand out from other applications.


A digital resume is any resume that hiring managers, recruiters, and human resource professionals may access online. There are many other forms available for digital resumes, including plain text on a website, a PDF file that may be downloaded, and more. By posting it to your social networking accounts, using it to create an online portfolio with writing samples and connections to other works, or using it to create a profile on a job search website, you may create a digital resume that employers can access.


A digital resume may highlight your digital competence and networking abilities while also allowing you to communicate with your potential employer in a way that other job seekers cannot. Here are a few more benefits of submitting a digital resume when looking for jobs. They are,

  • QUICKER APPLICATION PROCESS- A digital résumé makes the application process faster than a traditional one. Depending on where you've placed it, you might even be able to upload your digital CV with just one click. A hiring manager or recruiter will receive an email once you submit your digital resume, increasing the chance that they'll contact you before other candidates for the same position.
  • EXPANDED ONLINE PRESENCE- A digital resume gives you the chance to increase your online visibility. A digital resume gives you the option to select from a number of layouts depending on the position you're looking for or the employer's preferences, in contrast to a traditional resume which often only comes in one style. A hiring manager is more likely to find your information when searching for qualified candidates the more digital resume sites you use. Due of your established online presence, your resume may turn up in the search results.
  • VISUAL APPEAL- You have the option to employ your digital CV in a more creative manner. Consider mixing up your layouts, adding a photo or other visuals, uploading a video, and employing unique formatting options to show off your abilities and commitment to the job you're applying for.


When writing a digital resume, it's best practice to include everything that you would have in a text resume. This includes your


Contact information with mail ID

Resume objective

Work history


Academical background

Professional accomplishment

Certifications & licenses

Portfolio link

Other sections that is highly required

You could need a specific kind of digital resume depending on the employment you're applying for. Create a unique CV for each job application to ensure that it has the pertinent information the hiring manager is looking for. Follow these steps to create a digital CV that will help you get an interview,

  • SELECT A RESUME BUILDER- Despite the fact that many websites come with built-in resume builders, you may want to consider using a digital resume builder to keep your resume organised and prepared. If you're unclear of how you want your digital CV to look, these tools can also help you convert it into several formats.
  • INCLUDE FORMS OF MEDIA- One way to distinguish yourself apart from other applicants is to incorporate distinctive assets in your digital CV. Use a professional headshot, including a video, or create an infographic to highlight your background in the industry. Thanks to the media, hiring managers can readily locate you and remain engaged in what you can do.
  • SAVE YOUR FILE- Not only will storing your file ensure that you don't lose any of the time or effort you put into producing your resume, it will also make it simple for employers to find you. Look into the best ways to enable hiring managers and HR professionals to access your digital resume. While you are saving your file, give it a title that you are comfortable having the employer read. You can consider mentioning both your name and the position you're applying for so they can connect you to it and discover your CV in their records more quickly in the future.
  • CHOOSE A PRIVATE OR PUBLIC UPLOAD OPTION- During the upload procedure, you most likely have the choice to make your resume public or private. There are benefits and drawbacks to each, depending on your requirements and your current employment situation, so it's critical to analyse your alternatives and choose the one that's best for you.


  • MAKE IT READABLE- It is possible to employ excessive amounts of formatting, which would make it difficult to read your resume. This could divert the hiring manager, therefore it's critical to evaluate your digital CV and make sure it's clear and straightforward to understand.
  • INCLUDE ALL THE NECESSARY DETAILS- It's important to focus on the specifics of who you are and why you're a good fit for the position, even while having a digital CV may provide you the ability to show off your creativity or online expertise.
  • ADD A PRINTABLE VERSION- It's probable that some of the people reviewing your CV will wish to make notes on a printed copy of it, depending on who they are. By offering a printable version, you might cater to the preferences of the company's representatives. You can reach us at info@visualcvs.com or give us a call at +91 7010630927 for further queries

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