4 Key Points To Writing A Perfect Resume
Nov 08, 2021

4 Key Points To Writing A Perfect Resume

COVID-19 is now a thing of the past, while some may think that this isn’t the best time for the job hunt, you must understand that the job market is back in full swing, and hiring across most industry verticals are happening in high volumes. So, waiting for the perfect moment will only ruin your chances of getting ahead of the crowd that is active in the job market. Whether you’ve been laid-off during the pandemic or due to downsizing or you are feeling the need to move up in your career or move in a different direction, it’s best to make use of the opportunity immediately and start connecting with the employers.

It is observed, that waiting for the right time leads to procrastination because of the fear of failure. The best way to overcome this is to rethink your resume and look outside of your present job profile. It is important to understand that while showcasing your personal brand on the CV, aspirational elements play an important part and overtake the present job profile. Here is how you can work on this front while applying for a change in your field of work, irrespective of the existing number of applicants out there.

Focus on your personal brand:

Think about the various vision and mission statements that you have come across during your past employment, most companies have one and though you may have ignored it all this while, it is time you go back and check it again. You will know how it reads, it’s a short and simple message which conveys the company’s vision statement. For example, let’s look at Microsoft’s mission statement - empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. It does not talk about its core area of business such as software or operating system or computers. It’s a mission that they are working towards achieving through their products. Similarly, you must create a mission statement that showcases your core purpose irrespective of the job you are hired for.

It is important that your branding statement gives the reader a perspective of the value you bring along with you to the organization that you are going to be part of. Showcase the problems that you can solve and the unique ways in which you can do that. It should be drafted with a style that creates an interest in the hiring manager to make them want to meet you.

work on showcasing your core skills, functional skills

Work on showcasing your core skills:

While your previous jobs may have provided you with invaluable skills that you can use in your future jobs, you may want to reconsider arranging them in a way that suits your target jobs. The recruiters will still rely on the applicant tracking system to filter out the profiles based on keywords. Therefore, it is important that you understand the keywords that will be used for the target positions and organize your core skills in relevance to that.

Showcase your functional skills:

Functional skills are those skills that are gained during your previous employment and can be used in the future irrespective of the position that you get hired for. You will be in a position to put these skills to best use. Identify these functional skills and showcase them on your resume. For example, if you were a Manager in your previous role, showcase skills such as people management, team building, revenue generation, etc. to you resume. These skills can be used everywhere and is not bound to a particular position.

how to showcase your function skill in a resume | project yourself


With the number of applicants out there for every open position, each one looks at having an edge over the other. In this scenario, it is but common to boast on the resume. People out there exaggerate data on their resume. Employers find it hard to believe most of these. While this is the approach taken by others, you can differentiate yourself by validating your claims. Validate your claims using number values. Employers believe in numbers than blank claims. Showcase numbers at every possible stage to validate your claims and make your resume stand out from the rest. You may also want to consider taking help from neutral agencies like ProfileCheck to validate the claims on your resume. A ProfileCheck L1 certified resume holds a lot more strength than any other ordinary resume out there.

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