Aug 30, 2022


The content below talks about the 5 golden tips that helps in building the best resume.


A resume is a formal document that showcases your personal and required details to the employer such as your educational background, skillset, past work history and your personal particulars that are necessary to be mentioned in an effective resume so that the employer is in a state of understanding your resume and considering it for the further process.

An important aspect to be followed while making a good resume is that, it should be customized as per the job description and all the details mentioned should be framed in concise manner to give your resume a short and precise look. This article offers you with 5 golden tips that can be followed in order to create the perfect resume.


  • STATEMENT OVER OBJECTIVE: Everything and everyone undergoes change as time and fashion do. We all know that a resume objective was once a successful step in creating a strong resume, but the trend has evolved to a resume statement that is now considered to be one of the most important components of creating the greatest resume.


A resume statement places more of an emphasis on your past accomplishments than your future goals. Your accomplishments and past job experience are detailed here. This is slightly different from objectives, which examine your goals and talk about your motivation for applying for the position.


In particular, if you are a less experienced candidate, this might be helpful and a summary statement helps the recruiter with the exact details they expect from an employee regarding the skills, education and work history.


  • CALIBRATE YOUR RESUME FOR ATS SCANNING: Your resumes undergoes the ATS scanning before it could reach the employer’s desk, since the ATS scanning software has now become the major refining agent that filters each of the resume for specific keywords, skills, etc. and sends only the profiles that matches the job description.


This has made the employer’s task a bit easy as they have to go through only the matching resumes that gets passed in the ATS scanning and select the most suitable ones out of it. The simple elements required to pass the ATS are,

  • Use required number of keywords relevant to the job description.
  • Simple format to avoid confusion.
  • Check for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Use easily-openable format for opening and viewing document.
  • USER-FRIENDLY RESUME TEMPLATE: Your resume can have a slightly creative content in it but as a whole it should appear short and simple without much decoration to pass the ATS scanning and a few suggestions can be followed while creating a good resume such as maintaining your font size as 12, using clear font type such as times new roman, using mild colour templates and highlighting your details in point form.


  • UPGRADE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Upgrade your resume regularly to reflect your most recent abilities and successes. This is crucial in the IT industry, pharmaceuticals, and other industries since job candidates in these disciplines must show that they have been keeping up with new trends and scientific developments.


  • RECKON EVERYTHING: Include KPIs on your CV as a critical step while reckoning your performance over time. When a potential employer reads your document, this will show them how your abilities converted into measurable results.


This could be stated as a ratio, a revenue amount, or just the straightforward quantity of units produced or sold. The results of your paper must be visible on the page if you want to see them.



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