Can we submit a visual CV for all professions?
Sep 29, 2021

Can we submit a visual CV for all professions?

The visual CVs are a fun way of representing yourself to the interviewer. But does all profession require a visual CV submitted?  Well here is the answer to this question

 Not all profession require a visual resume, the most appropriate usage of the visual CV will be in a creative and artistic professional. More like a graphic design, Web design, Advertising, Art, Copywriting, Social media management etc.   

 It is important that you research about the company and the position before you send your resume. So that you can send a better resume that fit perfectly for the companies requirement.

 Regardless of the choice of your career, it is best to have an alternate resume besides your visual resume that will suit for different situation. Sometimes hiring companies have an application tracking system popularly called as ATS. This software search for the keywords in a resume. If your graphics are made in a software that is not ATS friendly, there are chances that your resume may completely disappear under this software. To make sure your resume will make it past the company's ATS, it is important to:


  • Make sure you create your resume in a ATS friendly software. This will help your resume pass the ATS scanner with ease and even land an interview for the job.

  • Keep your text saved as a separate layer to ensure that your visual resume to ensure that the system gathers all the essential data.

  • Use visual resumes for email or in-person applications only. You may have a printed copy of the resume with you will you come for a fact-to-face interview.

  • Avoid using more colours or graphics that will make your resume unprofessional or juvenile.

Creating a resume will be a difficult job, when done with no prior experience. At any point when you find stuck or difficult . Feel free to contact a professional for help. This will help you save time and money. If you feel the need to get professional help, get the best professional to help you only at

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