CV Writing Tips For Writers
Nov 16, 2021

CV Writing Tips For Writers

Irrespective of your experience and expertise, CVs are valuable and important because they are your first communication with a potential employer. The presentation of a CV is the key to increasing your chances to get selected. For this reason alone, it should be carefully thought out, designed and written so that it makes an immediate positive impact on key decision-makers. When a reader looks at your resume, they should be able to swiftly gain a clear indication of your experiences and potential. Bear in mind that the person reading it would never have met you, so keep it grammatically error-free and pay attention to the word usage because as a writer, you cannot afford to flaw in these areas, as it will be seen as a reflection of you as a person. 


Points to remember while making a CV for writers:

  1. Contact details:

 Include your email address. You should also include your phone number and a link to your blog or website. Contact details have to be correctly updated so that the employers don’t have to struggle to get to you. Don’t be in a hurry while writing such important details, start seeking advice from professionals who can help you make a better CV for writers. Bear in mind to keep your communication details updated at all times.


  1. Contact details of your agent:

At times, some good writers have agents as they cannot be available all the time due to work schedules or anything that would come up which cannot be avoided, in this case, they hire agents who work for them so that the agents can attend to the things that they cannot due to work pattern, and make sure that the writers don’t miss out on any enticing opportunity. Therefore, if you are using an agent, brief them on the kind of positions that you are on the lookout for and that interests you, the remuneration, so on and so forth. Be sure that the agent that you are working with is able to give the same amount of confidence as you would.

tips to write an awesome resume

  1. Awards and achievements:

Every employer would like to work with somebody that promises guaranteed results, but how can they ensure that when they have no knowledge of the writers from before. It’s the CV that helps your ship sail through the other side of the ocean smoothly if made in accordance with the requirements of the job profile. Mention your awards and honor in such a manner that doesn’t make you look like a bragger, nor a less achiever. It should be told in a manner that convinces the employers in your favor, and that they do not have any ambiguity in giving you a chance to prove yourself. If need be, get help from those who are experts in writing CVs for writers.


  1. Your most impressive publications:

Include the details of anything you’ve published like articles, stories, poems, flash fiction, and where they’ve been published, include the link so that the employers don’t have to struggle to have a look at your work. Also include details of any blogs or reviews you’ve done. But do be sensible, if you’ve published 200 stories, pick a few you’re most proud of and add a note indicating there are many more. Don’t get carried away by the emotions and keep adding as many as you have written, this makes the employers lose interest in your CV and will move on to the next candidate to fill the job vacancy. Therefore, be selective in your work and share only what you think shows the best side of your skill.


  1. Work experience:

Work experience is one of the relevant sections of every CV whether writing for writers or for any other job profiles. Experience shows how well your understanding about a subject is and what’s your capability to pull off the work. If the experience is of some renowned company, then it will be like the cherry on top. Hence, make sure the work experience is included in accordance with the job needs, unnecessary inclusion of data will immediately put off employers.


We do understand that writing is your primary skill set, but writing a resume is a bit beyond just content and we at Visual CVs understand that better than anyone. Do let us know if you need help in drafting that perfect resume and we are glad to help. You can reach us at | 0091 8929508662 |

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