Guide To A Professional Cover Letter
Nov 20, 2021

Guide To A Professional Cover Letter

You thought that cover letters were dead, maybe you are right in some sense. 90% of the hiring managers don’t read the cover letters you upload. However, the statistics show us that 61% of the employers prefer applicants who have uploaded a cover letter because it gives them that added feeling that you are serious about your application. While it may sound contradictory, it only means that though they don’t read it, they sure acknowledge the effort. And there is a good reason why the employers don’t read the cover letters – They are just plain boring.

Being in the industry for decades, we’ve reviewed and written thousands of cover letters. Most of it that we have reviewed has a common flaw, they are not written keeping the position in mind. It is important that you put that piece of document to the best use and don’t let it ruin your chances of getting to the final round of interviews.

We follow a 4-point model when it comes to drafting cover letters. You can follow the same too and have a powerful one created in no time.

Focus on the position:

You may have decades of experience. But when it comes to the cover letter use only parts of the experience that are most relevant to the position you are applying for. Don’t crowd the cover letter with content that does not make a difference to the reader. Instead, look back at experience that are in sync with the job profile. Show them that you have created an impact in similar roles in the past.

Don’t overdo:

Sharing information in excess or sharing complete information spoils curiosity. A cover letter should not be a place where you mention reasons for you leaving your last role or showing any aspect that shows you as insecure or in poor light. It’s a professional document and not your personal journal. At the same time don’t waste the space available by explaining how impressed you are about the role or the organization that you are applying into. If you feel the need to do it, do so by being specific as to why you feel that way.

Make it interesting:

Nobody wants to read a boring letter. “I am delighted to apply for the position of….” Is something that they have read a zillion times and think again if you want to be considered yet another. Of course, you need to make a mention of the position you are applying for but it has to be done in a creative manner. Validate yourself before you express your desire to apply.

Conclude effectively:

Conclude the letter by showing them that you have something to offer. More of the icing on the cake. You can consider showing them a couple of key strengths that you can put to use if they offer you a role in their organization. Sign off in the best possible professional manner. Have your contact details right after your signature. It does not matter if you have already provided that information on the header.

Take time to perfect this and be assured that the returns to your efforts will follow.

Do let us know if you need help in drafting a cover letter, we have over the years drafted thousands of cover letters which were well received in the industry. You can reach us at | 0091 8929508662 |

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