Hiring A Good CV Writer
Nov 23, 2021

Hiring A Good CV Writer

At some point in your career, you will come across this question – should you write your own resume or should you hire a CV writer to do the task for you. If you decide on getting a writer to make your resume, it is important that you take the below factors into consideration before engaging with them. I have done this when I had to make my resume.

There are always pros and cons to hiring a CV writer, the cost being one of the major deciding factors in it. A good CV writing agency would cost you anywhere between Rs. 5000 – Rs. 10000 to do the task for you. A freelancer would cost you a tad lesser than the indicated price but they have their limitations and reliability becomes a question.

Go with an agency:

In an agency setup, the span of niche is much higher. They have experience under their belt and most agencies work with anywhere between 10 – 20 resume writers, so you get to pick the best ones who understand your industry and understand how recruiting happens in your industry.

Pick the best writer:

The first writer they assign you need not necessarily be the best. Unless you are completely convinced, ask for a change in writer. If they don’t give you that option, you will be in a position to understand that the agency is not good enough to handle your requirement if they work with one writer who caters to all industry segments, irrespective of what their sales pitch claims.

Set expectations:

Right when you sign up, explain your expectations to the agency and during your first call with the writer, ensure that they are aware of the expectations you signed up with. In case there is a gap in communication, reiterate your expectations such as the target positions that you want your CV to be written for, how you would want them to position you, the geography the CV has to cater to, and the finer aspects of things. This can be checked when you receive your first draft.

Don’t settle:

The writer usually initiates work based on the conversation they had with you and provides you with a draft which you are required to go through and suggest changes. Do go through this draft carefully. Evaluate the quality standards, if it does not meet your expectations, do not proceed further. Proceed only if the draft is satisfactory to you. Minor tweaks and corrections are acceptable. However, quality of content is important.

At Visual CVs, we ensure that all of the above are addressed and we ensure that each client we work with has the best experience. You can reach us at 0091 8929508662 | info@visualcvs.com | www.visualcvs.com if you would like to have your resume written by the best.

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