How To Stand Out On Your Resume According To HR Manager
Apr 12, 2022

How To Stand Out On Your Resume According To HR Manager

While a job shift can be a stressful affair in itself, what makes it worse is aiming for those coveted positions. Especially in the competitive job market that prevails today, it is important that one understands how to get their resume to stand out from the hundred other applicants.

It is understood that Hiring Managers do not have the leverage of time to look through each and every resume that lands on their inbox, which directly means that you have to be cautious on what to include. It is important that one pays attention to smaller details such as the font used, to more important aspects of what experience to include on your resume.

Going by what we hear from hiring managers, the common response is that the resume should communicate your story. The resume that interests the hiring manager is the one that goes beyond your professional experience. It should talk about your accomplishments and the difference that you as an individual has created to places that you’ve been part of.

We would like you to consider these six points while drafting your resume:

Make Your Resume Industry Specific:

While most say that including one’s personality is important on a resume, we would urge you to revisit that aspect against the industry that you would be applying into. So if you are applying in for a software developer’s position, including fancy fonts and images isn’t going to be of great help because the hiring managers in these industries are more interested in understanding your technical skills or the technologies that you have a strong hold on. However, if you are applying for a graphic designer’s role, it is important that you bring in your creative elements onto your resume.

Understand The Job Posting:

One of the best ways to pick out the keywords that should go into your resume is by going through the job posting more than once. Use the content on the job posting as a guide to pick out the keywords that the employers would tend to look on your resume. It is understood that it is usually the same team that has created the job positing and also screening the incoming resumes. Therefore, it is but natural for them to look out for those keywords that are on the job posting against what is mentioned on your resume to arrive at a conclusion if your resume matches their requirement. This also works in your favor during automated searches that happens on their ATS engines, it is the same set of keywords that are fed into the Applicant Tracking Systems to fetch out a resume that has these keywords on them.

Keep It Simple:

It is important to have the reader’s perspective in mind while drafting your resume. Think from the hiring manager’s point of view on what they will look for on your resume, the kind of information that will convince them to take your profile forward. Once you have that understanding, it is important that you present this data in a simple manner so that they don’t have to spend too much time in picking up these points from your resume.

It is important that you pay attention to the formatting and the font usage on your resume. Most hiring managers prefer to see the titles in bold so that they know where to look for relevant information and at the same time pay attention to the color usage on your resume.

Summarize Right At The Beginning:

It does not matter if you are switching jobs or applying to a position where your profile does not completely match the requirement. It is important that you have a profile summary segment to your resume. Summarize your entire career in a few lines, show them things that have set you apart from the others and complete it with the value that you bring to the organization.

Go A Step Beyond:

While most of the other applicants would follow the above steps, you can still have an edge over them by having an in-depth understanding of the organization that you are applying into. Show them that you are serious about pursuing a career there by going that extra mile of researching on the company and bringing elements of the company’s culture in sync with the contents of your resume.

Leverage On Your Network:

These days most of us are connected to each other on professional platforms. Look up for members in your network who work in the organization that you are applying into. Get in touch with them and seek their assistance in getting your resume to the hiring manager’s desk faster. An employee referral is always preferred as against a random application on the website.

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