How To Write a Cover Letter?
Oct 23, 2021

How To Write a Cover Letter?

Your cover letter is the best way to ensure the organization that you are the perfect candidate for the job position. And if you have followed all the steps that we have mentioned in the previous series of articles, you will know that writing an article is just a piece of cake. But when it comes to editing one, you must pay utmost attention. Here are some of how you can ensure that your cover letter is edited by a pro?

Once you have finished writing your cover letter, take a break. You deserve it. Take a walk, speak to people or take a quick nap. This will make your mind free and freshen. And once you are done with the break, you sit with a fresh and open mind. This will make the edit smooth and you will be done in no time.

Print your cover letter and read it out loud, this may seem old-school but we highly recommend this step. While reading do not stop to correct mistakes or underline a mistake. And then while reading it again use a pen to underline areas that you need to work on. This will help you identify them easily in the document. Any spelling errors, grammatical errors or passive voice underline them. And try to work them out on paper.

Now that you have spotted all the mistakes, try reducing the letter to 25% . Remove words, rephrasing them. But always remember that it must be clear and not complex for the reader. So, be as ruthless as you can. If you have some word or paragraph that is not clear delete it.

Read the letter again and spot its tone, is it professional and positive? Look for words that have any negative connotations like" no" or "not". If you have any phrases or sentences of this type, it is best to rephrase them.


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