How to write a CV
May 11, 2021

How To Write a Good CV?

Learn how to write a perfectly tailored CV with some important tips that will make your CV look unique.

In today’s job market, with growing competition the first and foremost opportunity for you to impress your employer is by making your CV look perfect and unique.

Most of you have always heard that the employers would only take maximum of only 15 seconds to scan your CV. It’s the time you have got to grab their attention and make them read your complete CV.

There are different ways to write a good CV, but to keep in mind, that there are some common rules to follow while writing your CV.

Basic rule is that, to keep your CV readable.


How to make your CV readable?

  • Avoid using different fonts
  • Maintain uniform font size
  • Avoid using too many colors
  • Keep your sentence short and avoid paragraphs by using bullets
  • Be formal while mentioning your accomplishments
  • Avoid uncommon abbreviations
  • Keep your CV single or two page based on your experience

How to customize your CV?

Every CV must contain some important sections, let’s have a look,

  1. Name and Contact details
    1. Always the top of the CV holds your name and contact details.
    2. You can also add links of your profiles (if it exist).
  2.  Objective/Profile summary
    1. If you are experienced, keep it as profile summary and try to showcase your complete work history and experience in one or two points
    2. Along with it mention your skills that you have acquired through your experience and keep it short.
  3. Professional and technical skills
    1. Mention the skills that you have obtained through your experience and also the technical skills that you possess
    2. While specifying, first mention the most relevant skills that you have, similar to the job description.
    3. Mention the skills that you have obtained through certifications.
    4. Lastly mention your interpersonal skills.
  4. Work history and accomplishments
    1. Always try to mention your experience in reverse chronical order.
    2. Start with your latest work and not to forget, that it should be your most relevant work experience in accordance with the field you are applying for.
    3. Quantify your work experience, tell how it will benefit them? If they take you in.
    4. Mention the employer’s name, job title, year of joining and the end date, then move to the roles and responsibilities that you worked on the particular duration.
    5. Fill the description with the keywords that are mentioned in the job profile you are applying for, this would definitely grab your employer’s attention
    6. Avoid mentioning irrelevant works on your CV
    7. If you have gaps, like for the period you have not worked and not got paid, show them that you were grooming your skills through different learnings for ex. Course completion
  5. Qualifications
    1. You have to mention your degrees also in the reverse chronical order.
    2. Mention the degree that you obtained, form where you obtained, and start and end date
    3. Add any online courses that you have completed, follow the same procedure to mention them as above.
  6. References
    1. It is an added benefit to put references on your CV. This helps building trust with the employers.
    2. The referees should be your manager from the current company and anyone like your teacher or course trainer.

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