Online CV maker: Advantages & Disadvantages
May 11, 2021

Online CV Maker: Advantages & Disadvantages

Online CV makers are a great resource of developing instant CVs. However, they may not be the best. They provide you with great ideas for aesthetic enhancements and guide you through the steps of creating one. They portals hold 100’s of different templates in which you can select one to customize your CV. But do they ensure ATS compatible formats? NO! Their CVs are images downloaded as PDF files, which get rejected on the ATS engines.

The finest online CV makers, are those who manually write your CV and help you set up your CV, not only aesthetically but focus more on the content, while making sure your details are placed strategically and well specified .
Employers are impressed with the CV’s which are more attractive and engaging. Besides, the most important thing is to specify the correct information which would portray you as a good match for the job that you are applying for.
In this fast-paced world, there is no enough time to write and design a CV and why to do that? When you have lot more options to build a professional CV.

Therefore, these CV makers not only help you in building a perfect CV but it also ensures that it provides you a CV with uniqueness which allows you to stand out. Eventually it minimizes your effort in doing research and analysing how to write or design a resume? And thinking what template would suit for your profile?

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Most of the online CV maker work in a similar way, they provide you with the step by step instruction. You will be asked to create an account with the website at the start, then it asks you to fill in the details one by one, starting from your Name, Contact details, Skills, Qualifications and eventually till the Work history and it allows you to choose any one of the templates. At the end, with one click you can get your resume in at least one fully functional format, this depends on each website and with the version you choose. Similarly there are few websites where they use drag and drop interface which would allow you to customize your CV.

Disadvantages of Online CV Maker

Outdated templates: In today’s time, where everyone is thinking of coming up with new ideas on how the resume can be made look professionally fancy and appealing, simple resumes with outdated templates are likely to get rejected at once. There are many excellent CV writers available in the market that write CVs with exactly as per the latest trend in the market and also as per the latest demands of the corporate sectors. Online CV maker fails to offer proficient layouts of the resumes that are in demand. Hence it is advisable to go for proficient CV writing services that promise to deliver you as per your needs.

Chances of errors: Utilizing templates from an online CV maker increases your chances of committing errors on your resume. A modern and suggested layout by the writers helps you fill in your data into the suitable spots. Building a resume with the guide of professional writers makes it a simpler procedure with more precise results. Free templates are extremely dangerous, because they are not as per our demands. Therefore, it is always suggested to use the experience of professional writers when you have a chance to and also can afford their services to add four stars to the appearance of the resume. Error free resumes are what is expected at the professional level, if you are applying for big companies with an error filled resume, your chances of being selected are narrow.

Suitable keywords are missed: Keywords are undoubtedly the most useful and powerful way to get your qualification highlighted. Online resume makers lacks them big time and chance are that your most useful qualification gets ignored and you get rejected. For example: You are applying for a content writing job and showing them your finance experience, for them it is completely useless and will eat their extra time also to read it, so try including the keywords that don’t fail to convince them that you are the most suitable candidate for the job role. And such useful piece of advice can be given by the experienced and qualified resume writers which any free simple resume cannot give.


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