Sep 01, 2022


The content below describes on the strenuous tasks faced for writing a good resume profile.


When writing a great resume, it's usual to hear that it's quite difficult and requires overcoming a lot of obstacles in order to build a good CV possible. The inclusion of the proper key words, a resume's perfect length, worrying about ATS, and the addition of achievements are the frequent challenges encountered when developing a decent resume, according to a poll conducted by Adrienne Tom.

The goal of this survey was to identify the typical challenges involved in building the best resume. These challenges were classified according to their degree of difficulty, such as the following: including the proper key phrases—30%, adding achievements—29%, stressing about ATS—25%, and precise resume length—15%.


  • The most frequent issue with including key words is where to put them in relation to the content that is needed.
  • These words shouldn't just be mentioned; instead, they should be used to produce information that is relevant to the situation to prepare a good resume.
  • Make sure you have a precise job title in mind before choosing the key terms, and choose the words in accordance with the job description and its requirements.
  • A lengthy list of core abilities or a collection of keywords arranged in columns should be avoided.
  • A top priority is this.
  • You can create the finest CV by including your accomplishments.
  • If you fail to include your successes, employers will find it difficult to consider you for a position even when your claimed achievements show that you have them.
  • However, the majority of individuals are oblivious of their own accomplishments, so in these situations, you might ask yourself questions like, "What have you consistently accomplished in your career? Have you strengthened the competitive edge of your company? Have you saved or made any money?"
  • First, become familiar with the ATS's (Applicant Tracking System) functions.
  • Most people are unaware that ATS manages an employer's application for a job and functions much like a ranking system.
  • This helps the recruiter locate the best candidates for the job based on the information on their resumes.
  • Avoid headers, footers, text boxes, and tables in your application since they hide any types of rows or columns from recruiters on the computer screen.
  • Instead, use the appropriate key words that are appropriate for the position you're looking for.
  • The length of the resume is crucial in creating a strong one. The page length is not important to ATS, but it is to humans.
  • Your resume should stick to the topics in a specific manner rather than being overly short or long.
  • The best approach to construct a resume for a fresher is just one page with their personal and academic details, but for an experienced professional, the resume can be up to two pages long with all of their accomplishments, researches, etc. listed.

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