Aug 17, 2022


The content below explains what exactly is a resume and the purpose of writing a good resume.


A resume is defined as a formal document that summarises your work profile that includes all of your academics, achievements, skillsets, etc, in a concise manner. Writing a good resume profile involves a page or two that includes your work experience and relevant skills that makes it more appealing to the recruiters. Building the best resume puts forward your most important skillset and accomplishments to inform the HR manager that you are a perfect fit for the job role.



Resumes helps you to assess your skills and accomplishments in a more effective manner but including each and every detail in a single page or two seems to be very tough which includes a deep understanding and ability to know what your recruiters exactly needs and a good resume writing means tailoring your resume as per the job requirement.

The purpose of creating a good resume is to show your recruiters that you are perfectly eligible for the post you’re applying for and you have all the relevant skills that is required. While creating a resume do not try to include all your skills or details that is relatable in no way to the job applied for.  Make your resume short and precise by including only the skills that are highly required and relevant to the job profile.



Inclusion of elements on your resume depends on the job you’re applying for and the necessary professional background that is required. Basic things that is expected to be present on your resume are, contact details, introduction on your professional background, education & accomplishments, experience, skills, etc.



There are 4 types of resumes,

  • CHRONOLOGICAL RESUME: This type is considered to be the best way to write a resume as this format is very common and used by the job-seekers today, that suits for most of candidates with various experienced levels. This type of resume opens with an introduction followed by your professional history that is viewed in reverse-chronological order.


  • FUNCTIONAL RESUME: This type of resume primarily focusses on the skills and abilities rather than the professional background. This format is preferred by the job-seekers who are planning to change their careers or have a significant gaps in their work history. These resumes showcases more of your talents and skills and the work experience section is short.


  • TARGETED RESUME: These types of resumes are written with a specific target for the position you apply for. To write a strong targeted resume, scan through the job listing for the position you want to fill. Hiring managers include the skills, responsibilities they expect from the candidate for the job the hire so, try to include the expected skills if you really possess.


  • COMBINATION RESUME: This type of resume is a combination of chronological and functional resume. While chronological resume displays your experience, functional resume focusses on your skills. So, combination resume showcases both your work history and skills in a more effective manner. Combination resumes are ideal for candidates who have extensive experience or a highly developed set of skills that they want to showcase.



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