When Craziness Is Acceptable On Your Resume
Nov 18, 2021

When Craziness Is Acceptable On Your Resume

When every other person out there wants a compelling resume that will stand out from all the competition and strike interest with the best employers in the country. Unfortunately, in today’s market scenario, doing this isn’t an easy task as it used to be a couple of decades ago. It is important that we think outside the box if we have to be considered one. The same applies when it comes to creating your social profiles as well. Both these areas are important because it becomes your branding material to the viewers and therefore usage of the right content and aesthetics is what matters. If you keenly look at the job market, you will understand that the most compelling resumes are the ones that get the right interview calls. It’s but common for employers to assume that if one has not put in the required amount of effort in drafting a resume which would eventually land you a job, the same would be expected from them when employed and not the right impression that one would like to give their potential employer. The hiring landscape has completely changed during the last decade. With the introduction of automated screening and the increase in number of applicants in the job market, one finds it tough to strike a balance between making the resume content-rich and appealing to the eye at the same time.


The primary focus should be the initial gatekeepers to the online application process and most of these gatekeepers operate the same way. They let in every other applicant that comes their way and then puts them in folders and picks out only ones that have the necessary keywords. What happens to the ones left-back in the folder is a mystery. When one takes the effort to overcome these gatekeepers, it's not done yet. They now have to please the human eye. The human eye looks out for things of beauty and a cluttered resume is not one of them. When the hiring manager is given the daunting task of picking a few resumes out of the hundreds, the best way is to pick the neatly written ones first. One can be assured that a poorly formatted resume would be the last to be picked.

Using infographic resume and its advantages

Next comes the content on the resume. A resume can be well-formatted filled with creativity but if the content is poor and has issues with language, it’s a turn-off to the reader. Keeping it as crisp as possible and staying within limitations of what is needed to help the hiring manager decide should be the only area of focus while drafting the resume. Stay away from unwanted content and take a no-nonsense approach. Stick to facts, showcase data, and show them the value that you bring to the table and that gives them an indication on why you are better than the others that they have shortlisted. Now that you have convinced them, it's time to place the icing on the cake, sprinkle a bit of craziness to your resume. Show them glimpses of your attitude, positivity, confidence, and your personality through the writing style and the creative elements that you can place on your resume and you are all set to meet them in person.

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