Why is the ATS so important?
Julia Persis
Mar 25, 2021

Why is the ATS so important?

In order to sustain in the market, we need to keep ourselves updated according to the changing technology because we cannot stop the market from changing due to its dynamic nature.

So, whenever the technology introduces something new, it is bound to be talked about hence creates lots of buzz around it. There are pretty high chances that you’ve already heard the importance of around Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This is a recruitment technology that does the work of an entire team of HR executives single handedly by organizing, managing and streamlining all staffing operations. 

Why  is the ATS so important?

How to know if we require ATS in our organization-


Manual recruitment practices involve a lot of efforts and time. It involves work struggle with spreadsheets, stacks of paper-based applications, and endless emails which delay the deadlines

Even then we are not able to pick a suitable candidate when required due to long hiring process which proves to be unproductive at times to the organization.

Now here comes the turn to introduce ATS in our companies to survive in the market with equally good results as competitors if not better but it surely doesn’t let you lag behind in the race.our in-house system. The best ATS software should be able to integrate with your existing systems and improve overall efficiency seamlessly. 


Wrapping it Up

A premium ATS software solution not only helps your organization organize its recruitment activity, but it can also enable your company to build targeted recruitment and hiring strategies. It ensures that you recruit the best talent, cut down your cost-per-hire and develop a fast, efficient, and accurate hiring process. Seeing its efficient results that make it gain popularity in the market, adopting ATS is a right choice for all types of organization


Let’s understand some points that do push us in the direction of adopting ATS.


If you’re still stuck with costly methods of recruitment-

If you’re still relying on expensive recruitment agencies, referrals and posting one-at-a-time job ads to fill your vacant positions, there’s a lot you’re missing out on. By still using old methods to recruit can make lose a precious candidate. So such a situation can be avoided by being quick to adopt the new methods of recruitment i.e ATS. 

Unable to locate suitable CV-

Even after spending a huge amount of time selecting CVs using traditional and non-effective methods, it is clearly understandable to end up with an underperforming candidate.


By doing this there are high chances that we miss out on the most suitable one and have to manage with whatever we are able to find in given time. These inefficient CVs end up in the bin or get archived. Excellent CVs are hard to track once the urgency of filling the vacancy is gone. Meanwhile, emailed CVs are difficult to search, compare and organize due to the hassles of attachments and lack of standardized formats, then here comes the role of ATS. 

Creates Confusion in interview scheduling-

Communication is the key to building a strong relationship with your audience. Unfortunately, scheduling an interview could be disorderly/confusing, inefficient and exhausting due to back-and-forth exchanges with applicants when trying to confirm interview availability.

Therefore, using ATS can ensure to qualify CVs that are the most suitable ones and only those can be communicated regarding advanced stages of hiring.

Systematisation suffers-

If you’re relying on intuition to identify talent that’s a best fit for your vacancies, then your hiring workflows are in critical danger. Lacking a consistent, standardized way to evaluate candidates, record feedback and understand the reasons behind justifying a hire spells trouble in multiple ways leading to poor staff retention, productivity, initiative and a weakened company culture. Therefore, it is mandatory for any type of organization to adopt the system to avoid any chaos in the system.

No proper records are available-

Relying only on hiring activity provides no good help on recruitment success. Instead, management needs to have access to ATS in order to be efficient in every manner. from hiring the right candidate for the job to maintaining the correct and proper records so that it can be referred in the future without having any issues to obtain information regarding the candidates.


Hence adoption of the ATS system is highly recommended in order to be efficient and effective.

Ensure ATS integrates with your existing technology stack-

An applicant tracking system should be able to integrate with all the other systems that you use in your organization and promote workflow automation. These systems and platforms may include your website or even the job boards that you use.


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