Our leadership team has over 40 collective years of experience in Recruitment, Content Services, Career Consulting, HR Consulting Services, Business Coaching and Mentoring

We have gathered our experience and expertise in understanding what the hiring managers look for from operating in multiple cross functional industries. We bring varied expertise along with a varied expertise in delivering quality content and service.

We believe in the one size doesnt fit all!concept. We don't choose to operate with a Template method, which implies that we do not believe in automating most processes and creating a Steal from earlier written CVs business model where customers are provided a homogenous service.

We choose to follow what we call the Collaborative Approach We understand that each individual is different. Their skills might be similar.However, they may want to use their skills to achieve a different career goal when compared to other people with the exact same skills. Every individual has independent ways of channelizing their efforts and marking their presence and industries require a different approach to selling these skills.

We come together to help achieve our clients career goals and, in this case, the perfect CV that gets them the opportunity for a face to face discussion to showcase how their niche skillsets will add value to their prospective employers. To achieve this, we prefer a more interactive approach.

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Our writers are our communication channel to customers and we are very careful in whom we select to write for us and constantly require them to re-qualify to be retained by us. All our writers come with industry specific skills in writing content. This is because we see the interaction of our writers with the customer, and their ability to fully understand their customer needs, as a pivotal channel of success for our work.

We have a team of specialized senior recruiters who help the writers understand what a hiring manager would look for and ensure that all the CV's written by us are 100% ATS compatible, (the initial hireability aspects of any CV).

In a nutshell, we vouch that every CV (Technical & Non-Technical) will get you open the door of opportunity for you will get you open the door of opportunity for you.

This is an overview of what defines us as a group and we look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your career goals.

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“ I am so excited about the support that I have received at VCVs. They have provided me with excellent and timely feedback. I would recommend their services to anyone pursuing or wishing to advance in their career. ”



Awesome work in recreating my resume. Truly delighted with the experience . Highly recommended.

Aparna Andrew

Operations Manager

An excellent resume writer, the content is authentic and to the point, the visuals are customized and pleasing to the eye. The team behind it is good and excellent customer service provided.

Roy Alexander

Chief Financial Officer

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