Text CV

The key to writing a professional CV is proper structuring of the document. While your CV should adapt to every position you apply for, it also needs to hold an in-depth compilation of all your skills and achievements. We specialize in adding value to your achievements by carefully choosing the formats (for the aesthetic appeal) and the language used. We consult with you, suggest and take advice and in a collaborative manner, present details that will impress and create a sense of aura in the readers mind, wanting them to meet you in person.

Visual Cv

Visual CVs are a more premium form of Resumes. They represent your skills and experiences in the form of infographic elements like bar graphs, pie charts etc. This type of CV gives your resume a winning edge over the other more traditional types of CVs as this has more aesthetic appeal. A Visual CV is the right choice for you if you are looking to apply in the fields of finance, analyst, media and advertisement sector. 

Cover Letters

Sometimes a well-written resume can be put to shame with a cover letter that has been drafted with not much thought applied to it. The thumb rule for a cover letter – “Shorter - the better”. Your cover letters should not restate or rehash your resume. Our writers will use this invaluable tool to explain your resume and turn it into a sales pitch for your skills and achievements.

LinkedIn Makeovers

LinkedIn has today become the online resume for many. At the same time there are details that are permissible to be published and there is language that can not be used. Saying out loud that you are looking for employment on LinkedIn could be the biggest mistake that any executive could make. We write content that inspires the reader to get in touch with you and urges the recruiter checking your profile to call you for a discussion.